GROW YOUR OWN, BioSpace Systems.

One of the key BioSpace Micro Eco-Farms components is the incorporation of the VertiGRO™ planter units that are made from modified up-cycled transport pallets.

Key VertiGROfactors:

  • Highest density of planted Food Crops per square meter of land area usage.
  • Lowest water consumption utilising drip Irrigation.  Water does not drain into sub-surfaces as in conventional Food Crop farming, which by default require substantially higher levels of irrigation per square meter.
  • Contained optimum Organic Soli composition, enabling optimal plant growth and yield.
  • Less exposure to mole/rodent damage and ground based insect infestations.
  • Easy plant access enables more efficient harvesting, no more fatigue inducing back bending.
  • Worm tea and other organic compost fertilisers can be simply integrated into the drip irrigation system.
  • Cost effective and simple construction of the VertiGRO™ Planter Units.
  • Easy positioning of Units to optimise Sun Irradiation regardless of season.