Pure Sustainability

What is BioSpace pure sustainability about and what does it provide for the individual stakeholder.

Key relevant factors:

  • The cost of Power from the State Utility Eskom has increased dramatically over the past 5 years and is set to continue. As a result energy costs are currently a major cost factor in household budgets, with future energy, water and sewage treatment prices being virtually impossible to predict.
  • South Africa is categorised as a water scarce country, making it vital to capture and utilise rain water for consumption as potable, irrigation working water etc..
  • The price of Water is set to increase dramatically over the next 10 years with possible decline in quality and availability.
  • Minimal or ideally not having to depend on Energy Utilities and Municipalities for site supply or infrastructures.
  • Recycling grey water conserves water resources and reduces overall potable water consumption.
  • Self-contained Black water soak-ways used as feed source for landscape plants eliminate ground water pollution and costly connections to Municipal sewage treatment plants.
  • Substantial cost savings for site Infrastructure (Electricity, Water, Sewage) services, as each Unit is self sufficient.
  • Maximum utilisation of all available Natural Resources which are integrated into the sustainable BioSpace system.

Renewable Energy integrated Wind, Solar PV and Solar Water Heating system:

RE 1

Complete Off-Grid Renewable Energy System supplying entire home requirements:
RE 2

Rain Water Capture, Underground Storage and Filtration System:

RE 3

Grey Water Recycling System feeding Food plants, toilets etc.:

RE 4

Closed Black Water Treatment System (no waste water polluting the ground) feeding Landscape plants:

RE 5