BioSpace has taken it’s inspiration from diverse global game changing sources and used these foundations for expanding on the BioSpace concept.

BioSpace acknowledges the forward thinking and pioneering work undertaken by US Architect Michael Reynolds since the the early 80’s, who has demonstrated integrating real sustainability in dwellings all over the world.  Michael is tireless in his pursuit of providing holistic habitats for humankind in harmony with nature.


The visionary American architect R. Buckminster Fuller, creator of the modular Geodesic Dome structures, provided the development inspiration of BioSpaces’s sister company XTEK Systems modular rapid On-site construction technology.  The legendary vision of Buckminster Fuller continues to inspire individuals in diverse disciplines, as well as challenging the status quo to the present day.


BioSpace would like to acknowledge the University of Maryland, USA for the demonstration of their impressive and inspirational, fully sustainable WaterShed concept, which mirrors all the keys componenets inherent in BioSpace.  We furthermore thank UM for the use of the WaterShed videos on the BioSpace website.

A special thank you to and for posting inspiring articles of the international trend in the development of Micro-dwellings and for being the sources for the many images shown on the BioSpace website.