Business Model

The BioSpace principle is to provide a platform for the Habitat to work for the individual and not for the individual to work for the Habitat, as is the current global model.

The conventional home ownership model does not provide real sustainability.  This is mainly due to the high costs of land, construction methods and costs of municipal services amongst other costs.

Conversly, the BioSpace systems Business venture is based on a cooperative model, whereby the traditional method of “Home Ownership” is superseded on the following basis:

  • Suitable land for each BioSpace Micro Eco-Farm Estate is purchased and owned by
  • BioSpace retains a 26% shareholding in each Micro Eco-Farm Estate venture.
  • The remaining 74% shareholding is distributed amongst investors, according to the number of total units in any given estate.  For example; if there are 20 units in a given Estate, then each stakeholder will have a 3.7% shareholding in the Estate/Venture.
  • The primary purpose of each Estate is to provide the Stakeholders with a fully sustainable Off-grid living and working environment, covering basic needs and an ongoing revenue stream.
  • BioSpace will provide cost effective high quality micro Dwellings, renewable energy, VertiGRO and BioPONICS turnkey package for every Shareholder.
  • BioSpace will manage every Micro Eco-Estate and develope the BioSpace brand, including marketing, sales and distribution of all produce.  With this methodology, the Stakeholder can fully focus on their produce.
  • A further option for BioSpace, would be to have it’s own Co-op retail outlets on the Estates, thereby encouraging the public to purchase produce directly, instead of going through a middleman, which always adds costs to any product.
  • BioSpace stakeholders have the option to share swop their Units with stakeholders in other Micro Eco-Farm Estates.