GROW YOUR OWN, BioSpace Systems.

A further key BioSpace Micro Eco-Farms component is the incorporation of the BioPONICS™ units that are fully integrated with the VertiGRO™ units, resulting in a complete closed cycle system of food production.  BioPONICS™ tank units are made from up-cycled transport Cubitainers.

Key BioPONICSfactors:

  • Highest density of fresh water fish and/ or shrimp production per cubic meter of tank area.
  • The fish waste streams are re-utilised as fertiliser for the VertiGRO™ plant production.
  • Plants filter the fish production waste stream water, which is then returned to the BioPONICS™ production units .
  • Cost effective and simple construction of the Aqua-culture production units.