A groundbreaking, Paradigm Shifting Concept, providing pure sustainability for BioSpace stakeholders, through the establishment of working BioSpace Micro Eco-Farm Estates.

BioSpace has integrated all the key principles and components of future-proof Biotecture, as well as VertiGRO Vertical Gardens Organic Food Crop production, whilst simultaneously creating value added stakeholder opportunities through ongoing revenue streams.

BioSpace can achieve these objectives by incorporating the highly innovative XTEK Systems On-site rapid construction technology.  With the XTEK Systems  high quality modular panel technology, construction costs are substantially reduced, thereby freeing up more capital in order to integrate appropriate Renewable Energy systems.

The final result is an unmatched cost to performance Value Proposition, with real sustainablilty at affordable price levels

‘We take care of the future by taking care of the present now’  -Jon Kabat Zinn, US Author

Concept video courtesy of University of Maryland, USA.